JC Race Timing Solutions

Welcome To JC Race Timing

We have over 8 years experience in timing and organising events, but we do a whole lot more than that! We supply no less than 14 Services for the price of the basic Timing Fee. Call or email us for a no-obligation Quote.

Here’s what you get:

We time anything, anywhere. We use high accuracy RFID technology using disposable chips on neoprene straps, or integrated into the race bib.

Inflatable race arches 5m x 3m inside, or 4m x 2.5m inside for width-restricted Finishes. Big Archie goes everywhere with us!

Timing ground mats up to 5m wide (or 10m when doubled). Main and backup always used. Side antennas also available.

Bright Race clock gives the Finishers their Gun time.

Public address powerful enough to cover a football pitch without deafening the Spectators!. Horns can be sited up to 100m from the Finish.

We always use a ‘spotter’ ground mat a little way away from the Finish so that we can give a shout out as the athletes approach.

Results printouts are available at our Gazebo for the Finishers. This is a great opportunity to have your promotional leaflets given out at the same time.

Chip and Gun times are captured. We can do this because we always time the Start as well as the Finish.

Emails are sent as soon as Finishers cross the line, with their time, pace, and provisional rankings. These can include anything that the Race Organiser wishes including promotions and Sponsors.

Searchable sortable Results beautifully presented on your own bespoke page as soon as the race has finished. These remain hosted indefinitely.

Professional race commentary, announcements, interviews, and humorous banter before and throughout the race.

Finishers love these! Bespoke personalised Certificates emailed out after the Results are finalised. Carefully designed for each individual Event.

The emails can also include anything that the Race Organiser wishes including promotions and Sponsors.

There is no time limit on how much advice that we give, and we are available any time day or evening, weekday or weekends (except when we are Timing). If we don’t know the answer then we will find out!