Nearly the end of RED January..what next?

Nearly the end of RED January..what next?

So I actually think I am going to achieve Red January, having decided the ‘R’ stands for either ‘run’ or ‘ride’. It is good to mix up different forms of exercise although my least favourite running was on the treadmill but ‘needs’ must after late stints at work. It has also helped doing a couple of runs a week with work buddies. Last week I thought I wasn’t going to make it after a fall on ice, flat on my back, bruised arms and a sprained wrist.  It could have been worse so do be careful out there. I had run 2 .50 miles with no sign of ice and then there it was at the bottom of the hill and I was on top of it before I saw it. I know, I should have gone to the gym and ran on the treadmill.

I will hit 100 miles running by the 31st, I’m on 96 now and have also cycled 110 miles thanks to 36.50 miles today mostly on the Chase. We had a coffee stop at ‘Chasewater Heath Railway Station cafe’ and had a very welcome veggie sausage sandwich before cycling straight into a headwind.

Hoping to see some more entries for the Walton Wobble this week Our race used to sell out at 300! There is a 10k and a 5k route. The national picture seems to be fewer people entering races and entering much closer to race day. So if you haven’t entered yet – please go to Entry Central and get your name down. You will be helping Race against Blood Cancer and will receive the Walton Wobble snood and a medal.

Now for February… what shall I do to keep the momentum going? I’ll definitely do a recce of the Walton Wobble course before race day just to check it hasn’t got any less hilly!