Fabulous February

Fabulous February

January was tough! Trying to keep up with my main New Year’s resolution, aka Red January, was a chore. However, I did feel sense of acccomplishment when I got out there even when I didn’t want to. I ran or rode my bike every day. February marks a break and a welcome rest.

So guilt free February or is it? – I don’t have to go out to run if I don’t want to yet I feel bad when I can’t make myself get out there because I have had a bad day at work. I know exercise makes me feel better so arranging to run with a friend is important and we had a great run yesterday stright up to the Lickey Monument and straight back down again.

So why do I like February? The nights are getting lighter so I can at least start a run in the light. Spring bulbs are appearing. The woods look spectacular. It is the shortest month so passes quickly. It includes a half-term holiday so is a very short working month. It marks us being half-way through the academic year so there is light at the end of the tunnel. We organise the Walton Wobble 10k and Hill Dodger 5k which we love although entries are coming in slowly. We have capped entries to match the number of medals we ordered so if you want a place please get your entry in soon. Rugeley 10 is also almost full so it is looking unlikely that there will be entries on the day.

Back to New Year’s resolutions – I have yet to read a February book (half-term plan) but the non drinking alcohol mid-week is still a thing despite the stress of work but for how long?