Happy Christmas from all of us at JCRS!

Happy Christmas from all of us at JCRS!

We have had a lot of fun timing races this year as things have got back more or less to normal post-COVID!

Numbers of entrants to all races are down and quite a few new smaller races have entered the race scene. Some old races have disappeared off our calendar. Hopefully some will be reinstated as the running climate improves.

Our favourite new race this year was the Little Bytham 5k with its unique wooden hare trophies, set on an organic farm with a real village fete atmosphere. Sadly due to land being sold for housing, parking has proved to be an issue so there is no event in 2023.

So we are on a break until the first two races of the year in February- the Rugeley 10 and our own Walton Wobble 10k or 5k hill dodger route which is raising funds for Race against Blood Cancer.

Enter the Walton Wobble here!

Enter Rugeley 10 here.