Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Well where did 2022 go? So here we have a brand new year with new resolutions and the anticipation of failure!So do I go for Dry January which means no alcohol? That always seems like a good idea after the excesses of December and day 1 is easy! but once back at work and the stress of teaching stroppy teenagers, it’s nice to have a drink and wind down on a Friday night so maybe I’ll do moist January instead.

It is day 2 today which means I have now done 2 runs of RED January. Trouble is I don’t want to run every day, I want to cycle too! and then work as already mentioned does gets in the way and I am back at work tomorrow!

How many people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions? I do know it’s a lot and that is where the anticipation of failure comes in! You are almost waiting to fail.

It is important to set goals and studies have shown that people who set goals early in life go on to be more successful than those who don’t but you also need to be realistic and know what works for you.

My Top Tips when trying to keep New Year’s Resolutions going are below.

  1. Stick to 1 or 2 resolutions.
  2. Make a resolution with a mutually supportive friend.
  3. Don’t be afraid to adjust your resolution part way through.
  4. Book a couple of races.
  5. Celebrate small achievements along the way.

In 2021 I ran 1500 miles in the Year. Last Year was probably barely 500. This year – who knows? – I am starting out small. I have booked a 10k mud run and a Cycle sportif in January and then of course our Timing gets underway leaving less time at weekends

Why not commit to a couple of races to help keep your resolutions going. We would love to see you at the Walton Wobble on February 26th – let’s see if we can all keep our resolutions going til then and look forward to celebrating with one of Lee’s awesome pancakes! As well as the usual sweet treats, he even does vegan pancakes so they are also really healthy. If you are doing C25k then we also have a 5k route as well as the notorious 10k with ‘b’ hill and a super fast downhill section. Click here to enter


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