RED January

I have decided that R stands for run or ride, so I haven’t given up yet even though this evening I was shattered, fed up after a hard slog at work and it was windy and wet, you know that nasty wet rain that pervades the atmosphere and you end up soaked and cold to the core. I needed to push myself to get out of the door tonight – that was the biggest hurdle so far. I then basically ran round the block and clocked up a measly 2 miles but it all counts right?

Best day so far would be the 24.52 mile bike ride from Bridgenorth to Ironbridge and back on bike route 45. Very muddy but fab! and the refueling stop at the Pork Pie shop in Ironbridge for a vegetable pasty and coffee was out of this world tasty – yes I don’t eat meat. Best run has to be the Dudmaston 10k even though I felt like I was running in concrete as my legs were still thinking they were cycling and most of it felt as though it was uphill!

In other news the Walton Wobble Snood has arrived and it looks very chic so if you want one, get yourself entered into our charity race raising money for Race against Blood cancer! Sign up for our 10k or Hill dodger 5K here

Walton Wobble snood      Walton Wobble snood      Walton Wobble snood      Walton Wobble snood      Walton Wobble snood      Walton Wobble snood                   

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