Worrying times for Race Organisers

Worrying times for Race Organisers

This week we had the news that Thunder run 24 has been cancelled due to low numbers. Anyone who has ever run this race knows what a fantastic race it was. I remember being scared of the lap in the dark but it was the best lap I did. You could see all of the other runners’ lights, you ran through the race village past people with fires and flags. It was quite magical and what an achievement running several 10ks in 24 hours!

But it isn’t just Thunder Run, sadly popular MASH running didn’t start back up after Covid and SBR events who organise events in glorious but expensive settings have cut out 4 of their events this year. But costs are increasing for organisers, venue prices are going up, supplies are going up but entry prices are remaining pretty stable to attract runners to sign up. Organisers need to take a gamble on how many medals and bibs to order weeks in advance of the race so when numbers are low need to weigh up the feasibility of putting on the event.

A lot of people started running during lock down but a lot of people just stopped and have not picked their trainers up again. I know my mojo wavers from day to day. The cost of living has meant people need to make choices. Paying for a race when you can do Park Run for free or just do a local run may explain some of it away. The races that are on may be smaller but the atmosphere is still there and I don’t know about you, but I always run faster in a race because I push myself more! The last race I ran was the’Dudmaston Dirt Run’ and it was fab but only had 102 runners! Oh and I do like a medal!

Take Walton Wobble we used to get 300 runners and sell out within weeks of the event. We are lucky now if we get half that. This year we took the decision to reduce numbers when we ordered supplies. We are not in it to make a profit for ourselves but donate our proceeds to Race against Blood Cancer who do a fantastic job and need the support.  It may well be our last Wobble, so if you want to help make a difference, there is a week to go, so please get your entries in. We are close to selling out, it would be great to do so!

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